How to Use Incense Burners?

Anxious how to use that new incense burner you just got? Or thinking to buy Incense Burners but don’t know how to use it and what to do with it?  Keep reading to find out all the tips and tricks!

Incense is a material that produces a fragrance when burned. It produces smoke that is soothing to the nose and the mind and leaves your room filled with a sweet and mild smell. Throughout time, Incense has been used for multiple reasons. It is used during meditation, it is used as part of alternative medicine for aromatherapy, it is used during ceremonies for spiritual purposes or it can be simply used as an everyday household item as perfume or to get rid of mosquitoes. There have been different kinds and uses of incense throughout history due to differences in culture in various parts of the world.

Incense is created typically from plant-based material, and the components usually vary from one manufacturer to another. Depending on the ingredients, incense can have a different fragrance based on where you get it from.

Types of Incense:

Incense can be separated into two basic types: "indirect-burning" and "direct-burning":

Indirect Burning Incense:

Indirect burning incense (or "non-flammable incense") is not sustainable on its own, in the sense that it requires a separate and constant heat source to keep it burning. It usually comes in a powder form or ash that can be burned using Charcoal or various types for Incense Burners.

Direct Burning Incense:

Direct-burning incense (or "ignitable incense"), on the other hand, just needs to set alight for 5-10 seconds and then blown out, that just keeps burning slowly and produces constant fragrant smoke. Direct-burning incense is either an Incense Cone, Coil,  A Glue conformed to a bamboo stick or some sort of support to keep it together.

What is an Incense Burner?

A censer, incense burner, aroma burner, or pastille burner is a vessel made for consuming incense or fragrance in some strong structure. They differ enormously in size, structure, and material of development, and have been being used for special occasions worldwide. They may comprise of basic ceramic dishes or firepots to complicatedly cut silver or gold vessels, little tabletop items which are a couple of centimeters tall to upwards of a few meters high. Numerous burners use openwork to permit a steady for and distribution of air. In numerous cultures, consuming incense has profound and strict undertones, and this impacts the design and enhancement of the burner.

The purpose of an incense burner is to be able to use and burn incense safely and properly within the confines of your home so that it doesn’t get messy and start a fire and makes it look decorative and pleasant at the same time!

As mentioned above, incense burners come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of incense.

How to use an Incense Burner?

Here’s how you use an incense burner depending on the kind of incense you’re using:

  • Incense Cones and Modern Incense Burners :-

Incense Cones are specially made for backflow smoke effects which creates an aromatic environment. These cones are burnt on Special Modern Incense Burners made with any material like clay, sand, metal or stone.

Incense Cones always have holes in their base for the backflow of smoke. Look at this image below so you can understand it more precisely.

Light the tip of the incense cone or stick and blow out the flame. Put the consuming incense in an incense stand and place it on top of a clay plate to get the ashes.

 These are special scented aromatic Incense Cones and we will learn here how to use them. It is very easy to use for getting your purpose of burning them. You can read the Benefits of burning an Incense Cones here.
So if you have an Incense Burner just set it up and place it where ever you want to have it to get results.
Just open up you pack of incense cones and hold one in your hand and light the tip of the incense cone , blow out the flame.
Put the consuming incense in an incense stand and place it on top of a burner where it has a specific place in every Incense Cone Burner to get back flowed of smoke.
It will start backflow of smoke automatically it as simple as it is shown in the picture with a little effort you can burn it and find your part of peace and aromatic environment in minutes. 

  • Using an Incense Stand or Clay Plate :-

Light the tip of the incense stick and blow out the flame. Put the consuming incense in an incense stand and place it on top of a clay plate to get the ashes.Incense Stick Holders

Another technique for consuming incense is to put the stick in a holder that helps hold the stick upright, so it burns because it needs constant airflow. Put the incense plate in the middle or corner of a room and abstain from having it straightforwardly close to you. The ideal approach to encounter incense is to appreciate the drifting fragrant smoke from a far distance. As you see the smoke rise, you will start to appreciate the wonderful scent that spreads all through your space. You will likewise appreciate the waiting scent of the incense long after it has gone out.


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